Cupcake Love

My sweet tooth is back with a vengeance! And my current apple of the eye: cupcakes! They're my perfect endings to a sumptuous meal. 

I've tried the famous ones by Sonja's but there are 3 less famous cupcake stores I enjoyed more. You're in for a sweet treat!

Sonja's cupcakes in Serendra

cup·cake  /ˈkəpˌkāk/
n. A small cake baked in a cup-shaped container and typically iced

There were fewer options for cupcakes then, limited mostly to plain flavors such as chocolate, vanilla or mocha. But just as anything evolves, cupcakes have evolved too. There are tons to choose from now, drawing inspirations from just about anything. 

Mango Cupcake
Photo credit: Pastry Princess

Most of the “gourmet dessert cupcakes” now are inspired by your favorite ice cream flavor, brand of chocolate, sandwich spread, fruit and even your favorite alcoholic drink! 
Some are thematic depending on the occasion. 

Halloween-inspired cupcakes are mostly covered with fondant, similar to what is used on wedding cakes.
Captain America-inspired cupcake
Even I am surprised with varieties people come up with these days.


             Apple Toffee cupcake
              Photo credit: Pastry Princess


Vanilla cupcake with Nutella frosting
Photo credit: Pastry Princess

Cupcakes have also served as alternatives to the traditional large, tiered and more expensive celebration cakes (especially for weddings). Some weddings opt to display cakes built from cupcakes. They're convenient, cuter, classier and easier to share with the guests, than having to slice the traditional wedding cake and distribute.

Photo credit: Martha Stewart's DIY Wedding Cupcake

Pastry Princess
Location: #2 Granada Street, Brgy. Valencia, New Manila

Finding this pastry store is a hunt in itself. It's located at the new shopping complex along Gilmore, just right after JT's Manukan (going to Hemady). Once you have entered the driveway, you need to make a left turn and at the end of that alley, to your right is Pastry Princess.

I have only tasted 3 of their yummy cupcakes -- Nutella, Salted Caramel and Red Velvet. And so far, all have surpassed my expectations! The dough is moist, and the sweetness of the frosting is not too empowering. My favorite so far, the red velvet cupcake because the sweet and sour taste of the cream cheese adds kick to its flavor -- and that's just the way I like it! Price range: P60-70 per cupcake. With every bite, you're sure to get your money's worth!

Nutella cupcake with Loacker wafer on top
My favorite -- the classic red velvet

I will surely be back for this one!


Cupcake Lab
Location: Level 2, The Podium in Ortigas

Thanks to Iya Villania, I met my cupcake store-soulmate. Last Christmas, I received my most memorable "food" gift from her, all in a box of Cupcake Lab. 

Their creations are well-concocted, as if they've undergone several experiments before they were sold to the market. Remembering my first bite, this can literally convince me to travel all the way to Ortigas just to buy a piece! Quite expensive compared to others, but you will understand why. Each bite is a taste of heaven! Each cupcake has richness in its flavor. The frostings do not melt easily, even when placed in room temperature. Quality of dough does not change, even if you refrigerate it or not. Price range: P70-90 per piece.

Top to down: Tiramisu, Red Velvet and Semi-sweet Vanilla cupcake
Photo credit: Cupcake Lab

My ultimate fave Tiramisu cupcake!
Photo credit: Cupcake Lab

Ferrero cupcake with marble frosting
Photo credit: Cupcake Lab

Everyday Mom
along Scout Tuason, right beside the original Max's restaurant. 
Open from 11am-9pm

A sweet surprise on my 29th birthday. For someone who knows me really well, my gorgeous HS friend Mitch's gift was a winner. She bought me a box of these cupcakes I haven't heard of and tasted. Since we're both adventurous, and shared the same taste with food, I knew this would be a hit! And indeed it was! I brought it to the office the next day and 2 of my office friends couldn't help finish all of the 6 cupcakes. Each with a unique taste and appeal to the palate. 

Top to down: Chocolate with cream cheese,
Carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting
and Cafe Mocha

The best thing about these cupcakes, the store which sells it is just 4 blocks away from my apartment! A pretty good excuse to have a date with them! And so the other day when my sweet cravings kicked in, I paid the store a visit. 

And tasted all three!

The store is not spacious, but the intimacy makes you enjoy your cupcakes and company all the more! These are healthier too since they do not use butter and yet the flavors are not compromised. 

Of the 3 that I have fallen in love with, this is my most favorite because of its convenience, proximity and reasonable prices. Yes, this one's a real keeper because it will only cost you P40-P45 per piece of their yummy dessert cupcakes! 

What's your bet? Make that choice, and experience heaven with every bite!
Happy eating!

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Happy 34th!

It's Mama Mary's birthday, and the same day my parents got married 34 years ago.
After all these years, it overwhelms me seeing how they have remained sweet to each other.
Papa loves to tease Mama all the time. He's a frustrated comedian. :)
Mama, on the other hand, loves his teasing. :) She feels flattered.
I always pray that when my time comes, I will share with someone the same relationship my parents have.
Thank you for falling in love, for we have become the beautiful fruits of your union.
I love you both very much!

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My Asian food cruise

Lafang / bogchi (v) – gay lingo for eat
Shei (n) – my nickname
Shei Lafang (n) – what I love to do – eat :)

Vedi. Vini. bogchi.
I came. I saw. I ate.

If I were to choose the best relationship I’ve had, it would be with two things: clothes and food. Both comfort me whether I’m sad or happy. Both mark the memorable phases in my life. And both have changed, as I have undergone ‘metamorphosis’ through the years. This blog will attempt to showcase my love for food, and life in general.

Food has been my best friend. My mom never had a difficult time preparing meals for me, because I JUST love eating. I remember I would not leave a single grain of rice on my plate. And my Ate would joke about it, saying she has the easiest time washing my plate because “tubig na lang ang kulang, malinis na.”

For those who have known me way back, my love for food and eating is very obvious because I am not skinny. People remember me as that fair-skinned, curly, healthy, CHUBBY girl. And as I’ve earned my own money, lived independently and decided how to spend it, I realized I spend it a lot on food. And that the pics I took most were about three things: myself, my travels and FOOD.

That's me! @ 3 years old, joining my Ate's Christmas party (and enjoying the food!)

Instead of flooding facebook with pictures and food reviews, a better way of letting my ideas out and sharing it to more food lovers like me is through this blog. So here goes my first entry – my favorite Asian restaurants and their signature dishes.

Branches: Trinoma, Greenhills, Greenbelt

I've had countless celebrations spent here, with friends and family and former love interests. And I never get tired of dining here, alone or with company. Their menu offers a variety of Asian cuisines -- from Singaporean, Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai, etc.  For a foodie enthusiast like me, this is heaven!

For appetizers, highly recommended is the roti canai (pronounced as sha-nai). It is a type of Indian-influenced flatbread found in Malaysia and Indonesia. You can choose to serve it plain or with kaya spread (sweet coconut spread), and pair it with curry sauce (highly recommended!)
Served with curry sauce

Another fave appetizer would be the Vietnamese spring rolls that usually come with a spicy, sweet & sour sauce.

Vietnamese spring rolls

For main course:
Tilapia in assam sambal sauce

Best paired with Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice)

Shrimps with curry sauce

For refreshments:
HK milk tea, Thai iced tea, Lemongrass iced tea with honey
HK milk tea (L), lemongrass iced tea with honey (R)


Branches: Il terrazzo near ABS-CBN, Eastwood
Their Tom yum serving has 3-4 shrimps). For those who prefer the spicy version, this lacks the ‘oomph’. Their Thai milk tea, however, is a must-try!

Branch: Rockwell, Makati
One of the more authentic Thai restos I've tried. Their milk tea is cheap, which costs around P40 per bottle. Their Tom yum has its expected "kick" from the spiciness. Chicken wrapped in pandan leaves is flavorful. Location however is not convenient for those commuting. You need to ride a cab to get here, located behind Ateneo Rockwell.

(Shangri-La Mall)

This boasts of modern Asian cuisine. The interior may be intimidating at first but surprisingly the prices are very reasonable.

Malaysian beef wraps 

stuffed squid with sambal sauce 

HAPPY TUMMY (Wright Park, Baguio)
My great discovery. I stumbled upon this this while walking down from Good Shepherd Convent back to the town. You might miss the restaurant because it doesn't have the flashy signage and is located right at the corner, across Wright Park. And when I went back with some office friends during the Panagbenga Festival this year, we surely did almost miss this! We were going around the area for almost half an hour. But the hunt was worth it! This place is not for those in a hurry. Service takes time, as it is always packed with customers. We patiently waited for our food (which took another half an hour). 

 refreshing Thai iced tea

 lechon kawali

 steamed fish fillet

chicken curry


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